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Social and Political Issues
Global Population
Red Cross
Hunger and Poverty
Save the Children
Nobel Foundation
A Place Called Home
Check out this community center in South Central, Los Angeles offering kids a place to feel safe expressing themselves. Includes RealPlayer video clips.
International development and relief agency helping families in poverty and emergency situations.
Find out how this London, England center helps homeless youth. You can also play their virtual homelessness game to see how you would cope on the streets.
Childhelp USA
Learn what child abuse is all about and find out how to tell if it is really happening. There are also phone numbers you can call to report abuse.
Children's International Summer Villages
Learn about CISV, a volunteer group promoting peace education and cross cultural friendship. Check out their branches in different countries.
Cranes for Peace
Com this project urges schoolchildren worldwide to fold paper cranes in a wish for world peace in honor of Sadako Sasaki.
Free the Children
Find out how to join other kids around the world in the fight against child labor and meet Craig Kielburger, the student who started this impressive organization.
Global Fund for Children
Dedicated to protecting the human rights of children and youth through grant-making, children's books, and arts education.
These organizations work to promote human dignity and development in countries around the world.
International Book Project
Learn about this non-profit organization headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky that sends books to those in need in developing countries. Find out how to get involved.
International Campaign to Ban Landmines
Network of non-governmental organizations in 60 countries, working for a global ban on landmines. Site contains some graphic photos of land mine victims.
Operation Smile
Provides reconstructive surgery and related health care to indigent children and adults world wide.
Project America
This organization, founded by three college students, inspires and teaches people to take positive steps in their communities.
Salvation Army USA
Find out about the organization's services, historical figures, latest news, and how you can help!
The Gatehouse
Toronto home that helps abuse victims. If you live in the area, learn how you can volunteer in the place where everyone has a voice.
United Way of America
Learn more about this organization that is helping people across America.
Visit a Refugee Camp
Learn about the basic needs in a refugee camp, including food, shelter, water, and health care. Find out how millions of people are forced to live today.
What Kids Can Do
Provides examples of young people working with adults in their schools and communities on real-world issues.