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Wish to Adopt
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Adopt Ads
Telephone voice ads by pregnant women looking for potential adoptive parents. Pricing details are available.
Adoption Tree
Features profiles, with photos, and a list of available services.
Adoption Web Link
Photo profiles of couples looking to adopt.
Photo listing with links to websites of waiting parents hoping to adopt.
Anne and Grant
Photos, personal profiles and information about family and friends presented by a Christian couple interested in open adoption.
Baby to Adopt
Features links to personal pages by families interested in adoption.
Bruce & Kari
Dear Birthmother Letter and photos of a California couple hoping to adopt an infant through open adoption.
Carin and Ken
Personal site of a California couple looking to adopt an infant (newborn to 6 months). Includes pictures.
Cheri and Karen
Birthmother letter and photos from Atlanta area women seeking to create a family through open adoption.
Chris and Penny
Profile, with pictures, of a San Francisco couple interested in open adoption.
Dan and Maria
Letter to potential birthmothers from a couple interested in open adoption.
Darren and Lynn
California couple dreams of meeting a birthmother and adopting an infant or toddler. Site includes letter and many pictures.
Dave and Trisha
Birthparent letter, photos and general information about a Minnesota couple seeking an open adoption.
David and Tracy
California couple hopes to adopt an infant through open adoption. Includes several pages of information about the couple and what they can offer to a child.
Personal page of an Indiana woman interested in open adoption.
Dear Birthmother
Letters to birthmothers from adoptive parents. Includes contact details and links.
Denise and Bruce
Santa Barbara, California couple hoping to adopt a second child. Includes welcome letter and pictures.
Derek and Sarah
Photos, Dear Birthparent Letter, and general information about a Northern California couple interested in open adoption.
Doug and Carol
Georgia couple waiting to meet their next birthmother and adopt their second child.
Eric and Diana
Young couple trying to adopt either a caucasian or caucasian/hispanic newborn of either sex. Will gladly consider multiples.

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