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Adoptee Birthfamily Connections
Features organized links to search and support resources for adoptees and birth family members, registry, forums, and mailing list.
Adoption Crossroads
Network of adoption search, support and reunion organizations. Includes message board and chat room.
Adoption Search and Reunion
Dedicated to Colorado adoptees, birth families, and adoptive families, but providing general search information and tips for anyone.
Adoption Tracker
Online research database matches up children and parents separated through adoption. Includes news on related legal and social issues.
Offers fee-based services in addition to free resources, including forums, registry, tools, and reunion stories. [Registration is required for some sections.]
Baby Theft Investigation
Focuses on the case and investigation of the theft of newborn twins from a hospital in the late 1960s.
An online searchable database dedicated to searching adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents and siblings.
International Soundex Reunion Registry
A non-profit agency which serves and promotes the reunion of next-of-kin or family that have been separated at birth, by adoption, institutional care, abandonment, divorce or foster care.
The AdopTalk Center
Comfort, guidance and hope for adoptees in search. Features search resources, book recommendations, adoption stories, and a bimonthly newsletter.
TRY Resource and Referral Center
An adoption resource and referral center located in Northampton, Massachusetts. Supports and assists in adoption searches, finding adoption triad members, and offers consultation on adoption issues.
UK Reunite
Provides free research services to adopted children (born in England or Wales) and birth parents seeking to be reunited. Profile, research rules and contact details are presented.
Volunteer Search Network
A worldwide group of volunteers who have come together to offer services to people touched by adoption who need search help.
Washington Adoption Reunion Movement
Provides search, reunion, and educational resources and services. Includes a fee-based registry, information about free and fee-based services, and membership details.
White Oak Foundation
A not-for-profit organization offering free post-adoption services to all triad members with an Illinois connection. Site includes information about searching, legislation, services and programs.