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Adoptions International
A pre-adoption medical clearing house for international adoptions. Services include review of medical records and a written medical opinion regarding health of potential adoptees. Includes information about fees.
Austin Adoption Fair
They purpose for the Austin Adoption Fair is to provide those considering adoption the opportunity to meet with adoption agencies, social workers, support organizations, medical personnel, and other.
Brittany's Hope
Non-profit foundation aiding and facilitating adoptions of special needs, older and sibling children from around the world. Includes FAQs and contact details.
Caritas For Children
Non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children orphaned or living in orphanages in underdeveloped countries.
Center for Cognitive-Developmental Assessment and Remediation
A team of professionals offering comprehensive bilingual cognitive, developemental, language, behavioral, and educational assessments for post-institutionalized children.
Inter-Country Adoption Registry (ICAR)
Database designed for international adoption registry and providing adoptive families objective, uncensored information on organizations involved in adoption.
Inter-National Adoption Alliance
IAA is a national non profit adoption support organization. Serving adoptees and their families, with eductational information, workshops and various support activities. We also monitor adoption related legislation and issues.
Provides country-by-country resources for countries with international adoption programs. Includes information about relevant laws, message boards, photolistings of adoptable kids, and links to related professional services.
Joint Council on International Children's Services
An association of international child placement agencies, promoting ethical practices and effective services for children.
Pergamon Film and Video
Produces and edits travel videos for parents of internationally adopted children. Testimonials and ordering details are included.
Rainbow Kids On Line Magazine
An International Adoption on line magazine. Contains photolistings, relevant articles, and personal adoption stories.
ReAdoption Online
An adoptive father and attorney providing information and tips on US readoption of internationally adopted children.
The Assistant Stork
International adoption document facilitation and courier service with links to Vital Statistics and U.S. Secretary of State offices.
There's Always Hope!
Chicago adoption document processing and visa courier. Serving the Consulates of: China, Guatemala, India, Ukraine and the Illinois Secretary of State Department for dossier authentications.
Winthrop Pediatric Specialty Center
Offers medical consultation services for children adopted from other countries. Includes publications and latest research and development information about medical issues.
World Adopt
Provides information and support for families and individuals considering international adoption. Includes a list of stages, financial planning details, and success stories.