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Being a dad guide from Bounty
A guide on fatherhood, pregnancy, finances, benefits, work, health and relationships.
Fatherhood advice, news and reviews for new dads and dads-to-be.
Daddy Types
Gear, books, reviews, advice, humor, and first-hand accounts for and by new dads.
Fathers' Forum Online
The online resource for expectant and new fathers.
La Pa's - Transformations of Fatherhood
Articles and discussions about the struggles of new fathers balancing work, family, and intimate relations.
New dad comments on parenthood, New York City, and other topics of personal interest.
New Dads
Together with their infants, somewhat experienced Dads offer advice to new Fathers.
Sons to Dads
A site for new dads that answers the questions that you don't know how to ask about newborn babies, baby care, mothers, and fathers.