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Baby Names
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Cool Baby Names
Includes searchable names list with meanings and popular categories.
Girl Names
Browsable resource with meanings and origins for naming newborn girls.
More Baby Names
Find name suggestions and meanings of popular names.
One couple asks the global village to help name their soon-to-be-born son.
New Baby Name Index (NBMI)
Creating a global assortment of names for girls and boys.
Parents' Guide to Choosing Baby Names
Includes current popular names for boys and girls, naming tips, names to avoid, and more.
Database of baby names from major religions and regions.
Quick Baby Site
Offers a database of baby names and meanings as well as baby shower game suggestions.
Russian Baby Names
Lists name origins and meanings and tells how popular they are in Russia today.
Offers information and tips for pregnancy and baby care, including names, newborn care, infant checklist, baby shower games and etiquette, gift registry, and more.
Thai Baby Name
Offers Pumitaksa guide in choosing appropriate name for the Thai baby.
The Name Machine
Offers a tool to analyze baby boy and girl names in the United States over the past 100 years, identifying names that are popular or unusual.
Offers a database of unique baby names for boys and girls.
Utah Baby Namer
Online help for parents looking for that distinctive name that says I'm a Utah Mormon.
We Can't Think of a
Lists name suggestions for dogs, cats, horses, and babies.
Offers a searchable database of names with meanings.

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