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Because It's My Body
Picture book about about sexual abuse prevention and preparedness for the young, and defining physical boundaries.
Caribbean Capers
Caribbean adventure for ages 9-15, containing glimpses of the Virgin Islands.
God's Kiss
Offers a storybook with an online gallery of illustrations from the book.
Marion the Magnet
Story about magnetic power, with online 'Magnetic Thinker of the Week' contest and email greeting cards.
Philos, the Tale of a Friendly Puli Dog
Book written from the point of view of a Puli about his adventures with his family, also featuring a targeted discussion board.
Schandl Books
Offers 'Javot', the adventure tale of a boy named Peter.
Skyword Press
Wings of Adventure by Susanne Wright, about a 10-year old aviation enthusiast.
Taryn Toad Tosses Pebbles
Story aimed at helping parents to improve children's self concept by focusing their energy and imagination in positive directions.
The Adventures of Monterey Jack
A story based on an American cheese, including recipes and interactive games.
The Adventures of Trig Varyl
Fictional book for middle school aged children meant to illustrate issues of decisions and consequences.
The Amazing Pipe Organ
Illustrated story book about a boy's discovery of pipe organs, including online excerpts and sample pictures.
The Barefoot Fisherman
Instructional book aims to interest kids in less technical aspects of fishing, with hats for sale, and a weekly riddle.
The King of Skittledeedoo
A story about literacy and the importance of reading, related to the Rust Foundation for literacy among children.
The Little Red Letterbox
Offers signed copies of the first edition, biographies of the creators, and illustrated excerpts of the story intended for children aged 3-8 years.
The Magic Seed
Illustrated book promoting self-esteem and positive thinking, with games for kids, and articles for teachers and parents.
The Painting Ballerina
A children's story about a young girl discovering art, music, and dance.
What is Family?
Shows children that while families may change or separate, love never changes.