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BlueAnn's Wild & Woolly Web Site
Get tips on how to stay healthy from this cool blue sheep.
Resource for support services for children with life-threatening and terminal illnesses.
Buddy Bear Project
A free project for children with a chronic illness.
Child Health Investment Partnership (CHIP)
CHIP promotes the health of medically underserved children within the greater Roanoke Valley by ensuring comprehensive health care, strengthening families, and coordinating community resources.
Children's Hospice International
Gateway for education, referrals and community resources for families coping with children that have catastrophic and terminal illnesses.
Clover House
United Kingdom charity providing aromatherapy, nutritional therapy and guided imagery for sick children. Describes its aims and lists its sponsors.
Comfort for Kids Program
A S.F. Bay Area-based children's home hospice and palliative care program that provides support to critically-ill children as an alternative to hospital-based care.
EdMarc Hospice for Children
Lists services which include home health care, hospice and bereavement support for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.
Family Care Network Inc.
Mission is to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of children, teens and families through family centered clinical programs.
Find out about keeping healthy and staying safe by checking out the different zones of the space station.
George Mark Children's House
First children's hospice house in the U.S. Emotional and practical support to families with children that have life-threatening and terminal illnesses.
Healthy Futures
Free program that provides resources and support for mothers-to-be and children under 2 in northern Michigan.
Rx Laughter
Information and message board designed for children to interact and talk about laughter (humor) in relation to coping with a terminal illness.
Samantha Dickson Research Trust
A charity to help find a cure for childhood brain tumours. Offers support and advice to patients and families.