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Helen Keller Foundation
Learn about the foundation that strives to prevent blindness and deafness by advancing medical research and education. Also read a bio and see a collection of pictures including Helen meeting many presidents.
National Dance Institute (NDI)
Find out how their programs can inspire and reach across all social boundaries, including children who face physical and emotional challenges.
National Federation of the Blind
For anyone who is curious about blindness including questions from kids, guide dogs, braille, and more.
National Stuttering Association (NSA)
Get good info about this disorder. Stutterers will also find resources and support.
Provides a secure community for children who are ill or disabled, with games, puzzles, and more.
Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
Learn about this institute in Australia and find out what it's doing to help deaf and blind children, as well as kids with multiple disabilities.
Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind
Find out what this foundation does and how you can volunteer! Be sure to ask your parents first, though.