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Anemia Institute for Research and Education (AIRE)
Dedicated to generating and sharing knowledge about anemia.
Brain Explorer
Very cool animated look into the inner workings of the brain and many of its disorders. Includes a glossary and lots of book recommendations for more learning.
Common Cold
Presents the science behind colds including causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, and more. There are myths about colds and recipes too.
From Sickle Cell Advocates for Research and Empowerment, Inc.(S.C.A.R.E.) dedicated to sharing info, developing resources, and promoting advocacy.
Depressed Teens
Find the facts about this disease that affects mood, thought, and behavior.
Medical Mysteries
Join the Reconstructors in their futuristic world and play scientist, historian, and detective as you solve a mission and learn about how infectious diseases are spread.
Peanut Butter Lovers Club
If you're a PB & J fan, this is the site for you! It's full of recipes, facts about peanut butter's history and nutrition, plus info on food and peanut allergies.
Professor Stephen Hawking
The official site of one of the most respected scientific minds ever. Learn not only about his studies, but also his life and personal experiences with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
Provides support for families and kids living with scoliosis. Learn about scoliosis and read stories from kids like you.
United Cerebral Palsy of New York City
Discover this organization and learn about cerebral palsy.