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Conditions and Diseases
A Sibling's Site
Site for siblings of chronically ill children.
Children's Hope for Understanding Multiple Sclerosis
Offers easy-to-understand information about the disease and a message board for MS sufferers.
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Provides information about the disease, treatment options.
Diseases Explained
Illustrated guide describes more than 25 common diseases and medical conditions.
Dedicated to bed-wetting, or primary nocturnal enuresis.
Dyslexia Nessy
Find out more about dyslexia and famous dyslexics.
Loud Shirt Day
Learn about and how to participate in Loud Shirt day, an event designed to 'give deaf children a voice.
Multiple Sclerosis For Kids
Includes chat rooms, discussion forums and games. Created by the MS Society of Canada.
Sickle Cell Kids
Animated site with information.
Suj's Site
Born with Down syndrome, Sujeet is a musician, black belt in Tae Kwan Do.
Tourette Syndrome Plus
Information and resources on TS, OCD, ADD, and other neurobehavioral disorders.
Your Genes, Your Health
A multimedia guide to genetic, inherited disorders, and Fragile X syndrome.