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B.A.S.E. CAMP Children's Cancer Foundation
Provide a year-round base of support for children and families facing the challenge of living with AIDS, cancer.
Children's Brain Tumor Foundation
CBTF is a non-profit organization founded by families, friends and physicians to provide support and raise funds for research. This site includes details of services, events, and articles.
Children's Cancer Research Fund
Non-profit organization dedicated to providing national support for clinical research in pediatric cancer.
Kylie Ann Rosset Memorial Foundation
Wants to increase awareness of childhood cancer, raise funds to support pediatric cancer research, assist institutions offering care to pediatric cancer victims.
National Childhood Cancer Foundation
Supports a network of childhood cancer treatment and research institutions throughout North America.
Parents Against Cancer
Offers information about childhood cancer and blood disorders and events related to patients and their families at Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Center.
Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation
Committed to the improved care, quality of life and survival of children with malignant diseases. Site contains information about the Foundation, research highlights, stories of children, events, and news.
The Children's Cancer Foundation
About the organization and information and resources on childhood cancer.
The National Children's Cancer Society
The N.C.C.S. reaches out to children with cancer and their families by providing support for their medical and emotional needs.
The Never-Ending Squirrel Tale
Offers practical support and encouragement to the parents of kids with cancer.
United Kingdom Children's Cancer Study Group
A national organization treating children with cancer at 22 specialist centres around the UK. The web site includes a parent's guide and newsletter.