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Boys deserve the same protections as girls. Explores the inequity of allowing genital cutting for males but disallowing it for females.
Circumcision Information
This site aims to provide unbiased information about circumcision.
Circumcision: A lifetime of medical benefits
By Dr. Schoen
CIRP: Circumcision Information and Resource Pages
Contains medical, legal, historical, ethical, religious and human rights references. Resources for parents and educators including anatomy, circumcision methods, and foreskin restortion.
Factors in the cycle of violence
By Jim Hopper PhD -- If circumcision is sexual child abuse, how does that affect the male when he grows up? The sexual abuse of boys and its lasting effects in the lives of men.
This website contains close-up photographs of the normal, natural, intact adult male foreskin.
Global Women Intact
Specializing in female circumcision, genital mutilation, and alternative ritual of passage information.
International Circumcision Information Reference Centre
Information about male circumcision.
The Ridged Band: Specialized Sexual Tissue
Information about the anatomy and function of the prepuce by researcher Dr. John R. Taylor. [English and French]