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A Magical Journey
Read-aloud series of fairy stories with about morals, with creative projects, for girls aged 4 - 8. Available as a complete library, or in lots of 5.
A Sand Witch Story
Features illustrated titles about a witch who brings bread and cakes to life. Includes online coloring gallery, recipes, and other activities. (No online ordering.)
Herman and Charly
These illustrated stories aim to provide positive affirmations and self-esteem building messages for children 2 -6 years old.
Marshmallow Martian's Books
Illustrated titles for ages 4-10 about a group of characters from outerspace, including several games and printable activities.
Mighty Bones
Comic books which promote the prevention of osteoporosis through diet and exercise.
Nelson Freatman Children's Books
A chameleon named Raff discovers that his colors are a gift rather than a disability. Mail order only.
Penn Guinn and the Arctic Adventurers
Ken Borucki's cartoon characters with printable coloring pages, mazes and match games.
Percy Veerance
A novel about the adventures of a perseverant protagonist. Includes extensive excerpts and review.
Raven Publishing
Featuring a subscription-based newsletter, 'Alone Together', and The Starlight Book series, with tales of the love and adventures of a girl and her horse.
Books for young children designed to help them with self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-reliance.
The Black Stallion
Offers paperback and collector's editions of the entire set of 22 books written from 1941 to 1989.
The Ghost Hunter
Paperback stories about a hero for the dead. Also features electronic cards, message board, a fan club, and library/educational resources.