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For Girls
Alex All Access
Check out these celebrity interviews conducted by Alex Bregman.
Asian Arts
Dedicated to the exhibition and study of art from this region. Explore several online galleries.
Boys' Quest Magazine
Offers a sampling of what can be found in the print magazine. Includes science pages, cartoons, poetry, and puzzles.
Canku Ota (Many Paths)
Check out this e-zine for and about Native Americans, Alaskan natives.
Ceramics Monthly
Check out this international magazine on ceramic arts and crafts.
Cricket Country
This is the web site for Cricket Magazine, Spider Magazine, as well as Ladybug and Babybug.
Check out this magazine filled with cool activities and ideas for kids.
Footsteps: African American Heritage
This magazine celebrates the heritage of African-Americans with nonfiction articles and interviews as well as activities.
Guideposts for Kids: Wally's World
Official site for this Christian magazine.
Highlights For Children
Take a peek at what this online 'zine has to offer such as hidden pictures, mystery messages, and crafts.
Keep up with the latest trends in toys, movies, and music on this kids' magazine's web site.
Get weekly news about entertainment, politics, health, animals, and lots more.
kidsworld - Online
Online site for kidsworld Magazine. Send writing samples, enter contests, and more.
Nile Kids Magazine
Written for English-speaking Sudanese kids all over the world! Learn about Sudan, its cities, and its culture.
OWLkids Online
Explore the world with Owl magazines, including chickaDEE Net and Wired Owl.
Paladin13 Magazine
Come read stories, interviews, and articles designed for adventurous boys and young men.
Read articles about fashion, sports, movies, and more, written by kids like you! Play games, send e-cards, or submit articles.
Smithsonian Magazine
Preview the monthly issue.
Wee Ones
Read articles online and meet the authors of this fun kids' magazine.
Weekly Reader
Check out news and educational information for kids, teens, teachers, and parents.

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