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HR MacMillan Space Centre Link Partner
The Space Centre is proud to welcome its FIRST EVER writer in residence. For more information visit us
Ask A Hurricane Hunter
E-mail a question to a hurricane hunter and they will answer.
Beakman's World
Answers to kids' science questions and fun science demonstrations for kids to do.
History Of The Universe
A short history of the universe, earth, life, explained in simple terms.
How Stuff Works Express
Offers fun and informative articles about research and extraordinary people.
MadSci Network
Scientists providing answers to questions. Archives, search engine, library, labs, and FAQs.
Offers answers to questions on all things scientific.
Propane on the Brain
Experiments, games and safety tips for kids in grades K-8.
Science Bob
Check out Bob the scientist, look in his mobile lab, see his experiments.
Science for Families
Original articles, Internet science library, forum idea exchange, book and more.
Science in Space
Provides information on the solar wind, solar flares, fusion, plasma, magnetic fields, the earth's atmosphere and the sun's layers.
Science Inside Out
News, information, quizzes and lecture notes from the Royal Institution, United Kingdom.
Space Kids
Photos, visit the solar system, ask the experts, games, movies, galactic neighbours.
Space Place, The
Make spacey things, do spacey things, space science in action.
The Flying Turtle
Illustrated site celebrates and explains the basic scientific principles that govern both nature and human technology.
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Educational science entertainment about yucky things such as worms.