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Berit's Best Sites For Children
Offers sites for kids which have been screened, rated and listed by topic.
Offers homework resources, print-outs, and games.
Instant messenging, whiteboard, discussion board, sample problems, and e-mail support for physics.
FE Kids
Offers homework help, activities, games, software and more.
FirstGov for Kids
The U.S. government's gateway site providing access to Federal and other websites for use by kids.
Homework Help
Hundreds of categorized links to thousands of pages suitable for students.
Jiskha Homework Help
Articles, games, humor, and puzzles for many school areas.
Unofficial entry page of the kids and teens category of the Open Directory Project.
Educational resource for children includes homework help and more.
Little Explorers Picture Dictionary
Select a letter and check out all the words and pictures that the letter represents.
Schoolwork Ugh!
Offers help with homework, school subjects, student loans, student financial aid, education resources and more.
Studies Made Easy
Offers homework help, math tricks, science news, periodic table, and a discussion forum.
The Study Stack
Helps with memorization tasks. Students may use an existing studystack or create one of their own.
Unisix Online Resource
A online resource for sixth formers, allowing them to ask questions and get help on advanced extension awards.