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Child Safety Link Partner
Child Safety, Light Switch Extension for Kids! No more stepping on unstable toys to turn on/off the lights. Children can reach the switch from the floor. Link Partner
They provide a simple and effective way to install a hardware or pressure mounted gate in a stairway situation.
Child Nutrition Program of Southern California
Dedicated to educating family child care providers on the importance of providing nutritious meals.
Kids In Cars
Non-profit organization dedicated to eliminate injuries.
Offers advice and articles on child injury and accident prevention.
Lil Iguana Safety Foundation
A non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting the importance of childhood safety and the ideal that a safe.
McGruff the Crime Dog
Information provided on law enforcement specials, educators packages, bicycle safety.
Safer Child
Providing resources on child issues, including child and teen health and safety, education, support groups.
WhyCry Baby Cry Analyzer
An electronic monitor capable of identifying the reasons why a baby is crying.