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Teen Life Coach Can Get Back On Track

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Many people have been asking me about what a Teen Life Coach is and how can they help their teenager. Getting help for your teen is no longer left to just a therapist or counselor. Teen Life Coach focuses on the positive and what works for your teen that makes them feel positive about working on their life. Unfortunately up until now the only help teens have been able to get has come from teen therapy or teen counseling. The problem with this is that right away the teenager will feel as though something is wrong with them. So if you ask your teenager if they would like to see a therapist or counselor, right away they will shut down. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with your teen. Sure, they are going through some growing pains and may be stumbling around, but this is true for any teenager.

With a Teen Life Coach, they focus on your teen’s strengths and what works. While a Teen Life Coach will acknowledge some of the challenges a teenager may be facing, their philosophy stems from the fact that if your teenager can find something constructive to put their energy in to, the challenges they are facing will work themselves out. More importantly, a Teen Life Coach will have a more playful approach to how they address any challenges your teen may be facing and are much more selective of the words they use knowing that teens are very receptive and can react negatively to certain words used to describe their situation.