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Recreation for Families

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

In many parts of the country, winter can make recreation difficult. Believe it or not, however, you can still have family fun even in the winter. If the weather is not suitable for driving, pull out that old Monopoly board, or another fun board game; or perhaps a jigsaw puzzle or a rousing game of spoons is more to your liking. Set up the game near the fireplace and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and some popcorn. If the weather isn’t all that frightful, take the kids out to the sledding hill. Walking up the hill is great exercise, and watching everyone go down the hill is usually good for a few laughs. Other in-expensive ideas are ice-fishing or skating on your local lake or pond. If you like to be a little more active, check out a nearby ski hill. Take lessons if you have never been skiing. Ski hills offer classes for beginners, many times for free, when you pay to use their facility. A local youth camp may also offer snow tubing or tobogganing to the public also.

Come summer, you may want to take the family camping. Camping can be a less expensive way for your family to take a vacation. You can camp at a private camp ground, or check out a state park. You may want to check for shower and bathroom facilities if you are going to tent camp. If tent camping isn’t to your liking, check to see if the campground offers sights for campers and RV’s. Most campgrounds offer electrical sights for an extra fee. If you don’t own a camper or RV, you may be able to rent one from a RV dealership. This generally costs about a thousand dollars a week, but can cut costs when compared to hotel rooms and eating out.

When camping, check to see what activities are offered at the campground. They may have a pool for swimming, or an arcade. Some campgrounds rent dune-buggies and offer tubing on nearby rivers. Before leaving home, check out the tourist attractions in the area that you will be staying, and plan on visiting some of those places also.

Water parks are a lot of fun, and in certain areas, you can go year round. A great example is the Wisconsin Dells, which offers multiple indoor parks. Enjoy tube slides, body slides, swimming pools, hot tubs, and more. You may even be able to get discounted rates in the off season.

Horseback riding is another enjoyable family outing. You may want to look up a local stable when out camping, or vacationing, or just check out a stable near you. Make sure to check what ages they allow children to ride. You may want to go for a short ride, or take a couple of hours, and see if the stable will allow you to stop and have a picnic lunch along the trail.

Whatever form of recreation you choose, shut off the television, set aside the housework and other chores, and take time out to enjoy and connect with your family.