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Amalia Mandine Mairet
Photos, family information, and webcam.
Artistic Baby Sites
Custom websites and announcements. Offering several standard designs.
Asmitha's Home
Photos and downloadable videos.
Avery Samuel
Born April 11th, 2001. Photos, birth and family information.
Offers template driven free web hosting for children with photographs, guest book, favorites.
Babies First Web Page
For your newborn baby's first pictures to be displayed for friends and family to see all over the world.
Babies on the Internet
This is the place where parents of new born babies can have birth announcements.
Babies Online
Create a web page for the new baby with pictures plus information for new and expectant parentse.
Baby Website Plan
Share your child with friends and family at home or around the world with an online photo diary website.
Instantly create a site for you baby. You show your baby pictures and tell stories as your baby grows.
Born to Me
Offers photo album websites for new parents and parenting information.
Chloe Tufts
Baby, pregnancy, ultrasound, and birth photos.
Chloe Waller Harper
Born 1/25/2001 in Nashville. Offering a selection of photos.
Dhir Khemka
Born November 19, 2001. Photos and birth information.
Dominick and Michael
Born October 27, 2003 and September 22, 2004. Photos and movies.
Eikya Lagisetti
Photo collections organized by age.
Ekansh Raghava
Life and times of Ekansh Raghava updated monthly with pictures and his progress.
Eleanor Maria Dods
Born September 29, 2001. Photo galleries, growth charts, and guest book.
Elianne Lalonde
Collection of pictures and videos.
Elijah Dunbar
Pictures in chronological order by year.

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