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Online Exhibits
A.C. Gilbert
Come explore.
Akron Art Museum
Provides calendar, tours, and cool exhibitions.
American Museum
This museum in Astoria, New York, offers exhibits related to film and moving pictures.
Arts Studio
Learn how replicas are made of paintings done by masters. Official site of the State Russian Museum.
Bead Museum
Discover the global history of beads. Check out the international collection of beads and beaded artifacts at this museum in Glendale, Arizona.
Butler Art
Features exhibitions, classes, tours, and more.
Carter Museum
Facts about this Fort Worth, Texas American art museum and its collections and exhibits.
Charles M. Schulz Museum
Museum and Research Center is to preserve, display, and interpret the art of cartoonist.
Cincinnati Art Museum
Take a virtual tour and sample the Museum's many collections.
Cleveland Museum of Art
Go on a safari with Sahara the Scarab, meet Rosetta Stone, do lots of fun activities, and learn about the exhibits at the museum on this neat site.
Columbia Museum
includes information on exhibits, a museum calendar, and a detailed online gallery with works from the Renaissance to the 20th Century.
Corcoran Gallery of Art
Learn about this center for American art located in Washington, D.C. Check out the online exhibits too.
Corning Museum of Glass
Learn to appreciate the art and science behind glass at this museum's site.
Davenport Museum of Art
Lists exhibits, art clubs, and classes for children and adults.
Eastman House
Find out how to visit this Rochester, New York museum, check out a timeline of photography and more.
El Museo
Check out this New York museum dedicated to the artistic heritage of Latin Americans.
Electric Gallery
A unique collection of artwork.
Fine Arts Museums
Browse through more than 65,000 works of art from the DeYoung Museum.
Glessner House Museum
Tour this architect's house that now serves as a museum in Chicago, Illinois.
Hands On Children's
An interactive science, art and adventure museum for children ages 10 and under.

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