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Baby Birth Control Options

Baby birth is a wonderful experience for any couple. Having created a baby from scratch and them being able to bring that creation into this world is a fascinating and wondrous experience. But there may be young couples and even some older ones, who may not have the wherewithal to take care of a baby that is born. Some people may just be plain unprepared, while for others, the consequences of their actions may not have been clear.

It is at times like these that baby birth control options turn out to be a lifesaver. Sex is a normal and natural part of being a human being and people should be free to indulge in it with their partners without worry or concern about a possible pregnancy. The wide range of baby birth control options available in the market make this not just a possibility, but one that can be chosen to suit lifestyle or health requirements.

Probably the most common and widely used baby birth control option is the condom. This simple latex inventions has done more to prevent unwanted pregnancies than all the books and tapes possibly have. A variation of the male condom is the female condom. Similar to the male condom in appearance, it is texturally different and worn by the female inside her vagina. This is not so popular, although women, whose partners have issues with the male condom, have begun using it.

The discovery of the 20th century that was set to revolutionize womankind and give them liberty was the pill. If taken consistently, at the same time of the day, each day, the pill has been found to be nearly 100% effective. But hey! Humans often err. And that kind of regularity is achievable only by machines.

There are also unconventional baby birth control options. The following have been clinically proven to be the very worst of baby birth control options. At best, they are delusional beliefs that may work by chance more than anything else. These include:

Unprotected sex: Frankly, this is a no-brainer. While the male partner may insist that he has the will and the ability to pull out before he ejaculates, it is barely a baby birth control option. Often, it is the pre-cum (a drop of lubricant fluid produced by the male body as a precursor to the sexual activity) that may prove to be the undoing as it is often known to contain sperms and/or sexually transmitted disease viruses, including aids.

The rhythm method: While the rhythm method may prove to be an effective baby birth control option for those women who are fortunate enough to have regular cycles, it is hardly a reliable method. Unlike man-made systems, the menstrual cycle of women are dependent on a number of factors and may not function like clockwork.

Abstinence: Since sexual activity among humans is considered to be a means of propagation of the race, abstinence may not be advisable as a baby birth control option. baby birth control means having control over the birth of your child. Not having a child, which is the logical outcome of abstinence, is never a solution.

Douching with beverages: It’s startling that even in today’s world, several young women believe that douching with beverages like coffee, tea, wine or even carbonated drinks immediately after unprotected sex is sufficient as a baby birth control option. The truth is otherwise and people had best stay clear of such foolish and not to mention dangerous options.

Remember the old adage that prevention is always better than cure. This is especially true of baby birth control options. If you practice safe sex, you won’t have to worry about abortions and allied issues at a later stage. So be informed, explore the baby birth control options suited to you and your lifestyle and lead a happy and healthy life.

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